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Tiger Anti-Spyware protects Windows from Spyware, fake programs, Trojans, Worms and Adware.

What is an Anti-Spyware

An Anti-Spyware is a program that tries to protect the Operating System from Malware. Malware can permanently damage the Operating System and destroy it completely.

There are many categories of Malware, for example, a Spyware is a Malware that tries to steal information like Account, Password, Photo, and other personal information. To protect the Operating System from Malware it is recommended to install an Anti-Malware

Why Tiger Anti-Spyware is FREE?

Tiger Anti-Spyware is completely free and without ads. Even the Pro version is free until the Alpha and Beta versions end.

How can I help Tiger Anti-Spyware?

Simply installing it. You can also send Feedback to Malware to analyze them and add them to the Database.

P.S. if you help Tiger Anti-Spyware we will send you the Pro version for free when the Alpha and Beta versions are finished

Can Tiger Anti-Spyware interfere with an Anti-Malware?

Absolutely not, Tiger Anti-Spyware behaves well with its Anti-Malware friends. Tiger Anti-Spyware loves Avast and Malwarebytes.

Which Malware can detect and remove Tiger Anti-Spyware?
  • Spyware threats
  • Adware threats
  • Fake programs
  • Trojan threats
  • Dialer threats
  • Parasites threats
  • Newly Added threats
  • Unclassified threats
  • Worm threats
  • Browser Hijacker threats
  • Viral threats
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Tiger Anti-Spyware development

We update Tiger Anti-Spyware and the Database very frequently. These are the results (updated 08/09/2019)

Tiger Anti-Spyware Database
Total Malware (2019)

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  • Scanner
  • Auto-Update
  • Harmony with Avast and Malwarebytes

Pro (Free Beta)

  • Scanner
  • Auto-Update
  • Harmony with Avast and Malwarebytes
  • Auto-Scan (beta)
  • Real-Time Threat Blocking (beta)
  • New features coming soon