Software Developer & Web Designer

Hello, I’m Jonathan Terreo and this is my Portfolio.

I design and code beautifully simple things, and I love what I do.

Hi, I’m Jonathan. Nice to meet you.

Hello, I’m Jonathan Terreo and this is my Portfolio.

I’ve thought how programs are made, I found some open source repository and I was like “WOW”.

Today’s I code everyday, searching for what people really need, and I love it.

Software Developing

Get Information

Get Information about the project. How I can code it, how it works, the user interface, research useful codes.

Start Coding

Then I process all information I have collected and I create the project on Visual Studio, then I start coding.

Debug the Code

The last chapter is debug the code and see how it works. If the code doesn't have troubles to load, and it loads and works properly and correctly, that's a well-coded project.

Visual Studio 2019

In 2017 I have thought “How programs were coded or build?”.

With days and days of research on the web, I found Visual Studio.

I started using Visual Studio in 2017.

The first time I saw the interface was like a lot of confusing buttons.

Today I’m used to creating apps that I need via Visual Studio 2019.

I love Visual Studio, it’s open-source, and it has a good interface when you understand how to use it of course.

How I code

Tiger Anti-Spyware – Visual Studio 2019

I know Visual Basic .NET and a bit of PHP.

I started with Visual Basic .NET because of its structure and well implementation with Windows and also because is easy to understand.

Before I start coding I think about how I can create this code and how it gonna works if I code in that way.

Then I create a project in Visual Studio, and I start coding and debug to see how it works.

If the code is well-coded then I save it and I keep it in mind.

With a blank paper, I help myself by writing down how the code should see, the interface, and the libraries I need.

I also check on GitHub, StackOverflow and CodeGuru to find helpful codes that can help me to create the code.

Sometimes I take Java or C# codes when I don’t find anything in Visual Basic .NET.

When I finish the code I start debugging it.

Visual Studio by default detect bugs in the code.

When the program load I start testing to find bugs and see if it works properly.

In Tiger Anti-Spyware, for example, I recently fixed the bug in the Timer that runs the real-time protection.

Sometimes I get stuck with bugs that I can’t fix, but I always find a way to fix them.

I always update my programs with new features, and bugs fix.

Bunifu UI Framework

Bunifu UI Framework is a Visual Studio implementation that adds really cool stuff like colorful loading bars, switches, and buttons.

I just love Bunifu UI Framework, It is really a big deal to optimize the UI using it.

I’ve used the Bunifu UI Framework on Tiger Anti-Spyware for example.

And I really have to say that it looks completely different.

Web Developing

Along with coding I have also a couple of blogs where I upload nice articles about Windows, WordPress, Video-Games, and also Online Privacy.

With blogging, I have understood a lot of things like Affiliate Marketing.

I created my sites with WordPress, an open-source project.

I have installed WordPress and set it up in my hosting provider Hostpoint.

I know a lot of WordPress like 100% Security and Optimization.

For example, NintendoHill weighs ≈ 1.5MB unlike CNN with ≈ 2.5MB not fully loaded.

Here is my best on WordPress:


My optimization can speed WP Sites loads in 1s to 7s.


My security secure PHP and Apache from being attacked. Also well-know security bugs, XSS, Cross-Site-Scripting, and more.


SEO it's the most hard thing to do when website building. Most of the traffic are organic just because of my well SEO.

How I optimize

Optimization and speed is a Google ranking facktor.

I optimize everything, HTML, JS, CSS, all.

My best optimization is Wikicat, it weighs 0.9MB (893KB).

Wikicat fully loads in 1/7 seconds, and it makes ≈ 73+ requests.

I measured Wikicat, CNN, and Chip with GTmetrix.

GTmetrix is a service that allow you understand stuff like how many request make a website when visited.

Here are the facts:


GTmetrix result:

  • 29.0s (fully loaded time)
  • 4.58MB (total page size)
  • 387+ (requests)


GTmetrix result:

  • 6.1s (fully loaded time)
  • 0.9MB (total page size)
  • 59+ (requests)


GTmetrix result:

  • 21.0s (fully loaded time)
  • 1.59 (total page size)
  • 233+ (requests)

As shown in the images above CNN didn’t optimize anything except for Chip that just optimized the HTML.

Their server is also slow, also the apparently they don’t use a CDN.

That’s really bad for user experience.

GZip Compression

GZip compression is very important, especially when enabled by used third-party domains.

I think all domains should use GZip completely, there is a lot of websites that don’t use GZip correctly or even.

GZip is a ranking factor just because the web page is smaller than the uncompressed.

As shown on the foto, GZip compression can make miracles on fat websites that make a lot of non-GZip requests.

Local Google Font

Google may use the best CDN in the world but nope.

Google Font make several HTTP requests, use Cookies, slow website performance and render block.

All my website doesn’t use Google Font because are cached locally in my server.

Thus, Google Font HTTP request is blocked to prevent the use of Google Font.

Effective March 04, 2020.