This Cookie Policy explains how cookies are used, what are cookies, and how to control cookies on your device.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file placed onto your device that enables Jet Studio Software features and functionality.

Any browser visiting our sites may receive cookies from us or cookies from third parties such as our customers, partners or service providers.

We or third parties may also place cookies in your browser when you visit non-Jet Studio Software sites that display ads, host our plugins or tags.

We use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies (first-party cookies).

Third-Party cookies are used by third-party websites, objects, and web content.

Persistent Cookie:

A persistent cookie may help us recognize you as an existing user, so it’s easier to return to Jet Studio Software or interact with our Services without signing in again.

A persistent cookie stays in your browser and will be read by Jet Studio Software when you return to one of our sites or a partner site that uses our Services.

Session Cookie:

Session cookies last only as long as the session (usually the current visit to a website or a browser session).

First-Party Cookies:

First-Party Cookies are cookies set by the website you’re visiting.

Some are necessary for embedded content and other page functions.

Third-Party Cookies:

Third-Party Cookies are cookies set by a third-party website (cross-site).

Third-Party cookies can be used, for example, for advertising purposes, usage tracking, and so on.

How do we use cookies?

When you use our website, we notify you about the use of cookies including the agreement of this Privacy Policy by showing a cookie notification.


We may otherwise use your information with your consent or at your direction

To Provide and Manage The Services You Request

This includes, for example, processing your subscription, sending you electronic newsletters, or enabling you to participate in the features provided by the Services.

It also includes providing personalized content and recommendations to you, including by email.

Through such features, we are able to bring you information and content tailored to your individual interests and needs.

To Contact You

We may periodically contact you with offers and information about the Services and our affiliates, including in connection with your accounts, online surveys, legal notices, news stories, new features that you are entitled to access, and other important information.

You may opt-out of receiving commercial email messages from us by following the instructions contained in those email messages.

To Deliver Targeted Advertising

We may use your information to facilitate the delivery of targeted ads, promotions, and offers to you, on behalf of ourselves and advertisers, on and off the Services.

Please see the Advertising section for further information about our and third parties’ use of cookies, web beacons, mobile ad identifiers, and other tracking technologies to provide you relevant ads, as well as information about how to disable cookies and make other choices related to targeted advertising.

To Better Understand our Readers and Users

The Services research our users’ demographics, interests, and behavior based on the information we collect.

We do this to better understand and serve our users, and to improve our Services.

To Protect the Rights of the Servers and Others

We may use your personal information as we believe is necessary or appropriate to secure, protect, enforce, or defend the legal rights, privacy, safety, or property of the Services, its employees or agents, or other users and to comply with applicable law.

Preferences, Features, and Services

We use cookies and similar technologies to enable the functionality of our Services, such as helping you to fill out forms on our Services more easily and providing you with features, insights and customized content in conjunction with our plugins.

We also use these technologies to remember information about your browser and your preferences.

For example, cookies can tell us which language you prefer and what your communications preferences are.

We may also use local storage to speed up site functionality.


Cookies and similar technologies help us show relevant advertising to you more effectively, both on and off our Services and to measure the performance of such ads.

We use these technologies to learn whether the content has been shown to you or whether someone who was presented with an ad later came back and took an action (e.g., downloaded a white paper or made a purchase) on another site.

Similarly, our partners or service providers may use these technologies to determine whether we’ve shown an ad or a post and how it performed or provide us with information about how you interact with ads.

We may also work with our customers and partners to show you an ad on or off Jet Studio Software, such as after you’ve visited a customer’s or partner’s site or application.

These technologies help us to provide aggregated information to our customers and partners.

Customized Content

We use cookies and similar technologies to customize your experience on our Services.

For example, we may use cookies to remember previous searches so that when you return to our services, we can offer additional information that relates to your previous search.


We may share information within our family of affiliated companies.

Performance, Analytics, and Research

Cookies and similar technologies help us learn more about how well our Services and plugins perform in different locations.

We or our service providers use these technologies to understand, improve, and research products, features, and services, including as you navigate through our sites or when you access LinkedIn from other sites, applications or devices.

We, or our service providers, use these technologies to determine and measure the performance of ads or posts on and off Jet Studio Software and to learn whether you have interacted with our websites, content or emails and provide analytics based on those interactions.

We also use these technologies to provide aggregated information to our customers and partners as part of our Services.

If you are a Jet Studio Software member but logged out of your account on a browser, Jet Studio Software may still continue to log your interaction with our services on that browser for up to 30 days in order to generate usage analytics for our Services.

We may share these analytics in aggregate form with our customers.

Bug Detection and Error Reporting

We use the information to understand and resolve technical issues, app crashes and other issues being reported.

Audit Consumer Interactions on the Services

We use the information to measure the placement, frequency, efficacy, and compliance of advertising and ad impressions.


We use cookies and similar technologies to make your interactions with our Services faster and more secure.

For example, we use cookies to enable and support our security features, keep your account safe and to help us detect malicious activity and violations of our User Agreement.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google is one of a third-party vendor on our site.

It also uses cookies, known as DART cookies, to serve ads to our site visitors based upon their visit to our websites and other sites on the internet.

However, visitors may choose to decline the use of DART cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network Privacy Policy.

How to control cookies?

You can control and/or delete cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed.

If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work.

For HTML5 local storage, the method for disabling HTML5 will vary depending on your browser.

Google Chrome:

To control and/or delete cookies on Google Chrome, please follow the following instructions provided by Google.

Google Chrome Cookie Management

Mozilla Firefox:

To control and/or delete cookies on Mozilla Firefox, please follow the following instructions provided by Mozilla.

Mozilla Firefox Cookie Management

Microsoft Edge:

To control and/or delete cookies on Microsoft Edge, please follow the following instructions provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge Cookie Management

Microsoft Edge Legacy Cookie Management

Internet Explorer:

To control and/or delete cookies on Internet Explorer, please follow the following instructions provided by Microsoft.

Internet Explorer Cookie Management

Apple Safari:

To control and/or delete cookies on Apple Safari, please follow the following instructions provided by Apple.

Apple Safari Cookie Management

Adobe Flash Player:

Flash cookies, information about disabling or deleting information contained in Flash cookies can be found by following the link below.

Adobe Flash Player: Manage, disable Local Shared Objects

For details about how to delete and manage cookies, please see