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Our sites and apps have more than 1 million viewers every day.

We kept track of our advertising partners like Google to contextualize and personalize content to our visitors and users.

Our big ad inventory and partners provide the perfect math for your needs but flexible.

What's the change? and why advertise with us?


We and our partners process User Data to display the perfect ad that math with his interests.

Based on the interest of the visitors and users, the perfect ad will be shown.

And it’s probably that it convert successfully.

Our power and the differences to the competitors

Our power does not only display the perfect ad.

Our power is how big we are with our apps and sites.

We don’t buy traffic.

We do 100% SEO, that means our visitors and users are completely organic and not robots.


Here are the metrics of our sites and apps.

We use the following services to track on our sites and apps.

  • Google Analytics
  • Quantcast

Google Analytics

Monthly users: 10.000

Monthly pageviews: 110.000

Google Analytics

Monthly users: 30.000

Monthly pageviews: 130.000


Here are examples of the IAB ad space size.





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Sorry but for now we don’t take any message for advertising.

You still can send a request, depending of the request we maybe interested.

e.g. Google, Inc or Jet Studio Software Co.